Attorney Aaron Denker serves clients from the Law Offices of Aaron D. Denker, Esq. LLC in Philadelphia. His practice handles a variety of cases, including those related to traffic offenses, personal injury, real estate, and alleged criminal acts.

Mr. Denker has won numerous cases over the course of his career, including a $40,000 settlement for a plaintiff, who suffered soft tissue injuries after being struck by a vehicle. He also represented a client in a car accident involving fallen snow and ice from a passing truck. His persistence in gaining depositions in support of his case resulted in a settlement of $125,000.

Aaron Denker also serves as an underwriter for Lawyers Funding, LLC. He joined the company in 2014 and reviews lawsuits and paperwork regarding mass tort cases. His work determines case funding eligibility and impacts whether a case can receive additional monetary advances. His charitable activities include fundraising for March of Dimes.

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